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Selank - 5 mg

Selank - 5 mg
Selank - 5 mg
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Sequence: Thr-Lys-Pro-Arg-Pro-Gly-Pro 

Molecular weight751.88


Selank at a Glance

According to scientific studies that have been based on animal test subjects, it has been determined that Selank has the capacity to boost the expression of serotonin.  This particular neurotransmitter is known for mood regulation, and has also been shown to have ties to the regulation of appetite and sleep.  It has also been determined that the presence of the peptide is tied to an uptick of regulation tied to dopamine, a neurotransmitter that is tied to functions such as cognition, mood, learning, and motivation. Because of the way in which Selank has been shown to increase the expression of these neurotransmitters, scientific study based on animal test subjects have determined that the peptide could hypothetically provide aid in the treatment of various sleeping disorders.  It has also been thought that the peptide’s ties to mood regulation could make it an effective aid in the treatment of several disorders linked to emotion, such as depression and anxiety.


For Scientific Research Only

Although there has been a great deal of research and study conducted in regards to Selank and its overall functionality and theoretical benefits, it should be emphasized that all of the research that has been conducted and the results from such research has exclusively been built around scientific study based on animal test subjects.  The peptide is just intended for the use of scientific study at this point in time.  Because of this, any findings or observations that relate to Selank’s overall functionality, or theoretical benefits, should only be contained to the strict confines of a controlled environment such as a medical research facility or a laboratory.