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Maximum quality and efficiency 

We guarantee maximum quality and efficiency of our products, anywhere in the EU can not buy better quality and cleaner peptides.


100% originality and authenticity

All products purchased from us include unique S/N codes, through which you can at the manufacturer's website to verify their 100% originality and authenticity!


We guarantee sucessfull  delivery

In case of failure of the shipper / loss items, we will send the goods again, or will refund the full payment. Absolutely no risks.


We ship all European union countries

Are you not from EU? In this case, contact us before order please, we will inform you about delivery options to the your country, thank you.


Shipping cost

The shipping price is automatically calculated by reference to the total amount of products in your order, according to the following table:


Total amount of products

< 100 €

100 - 399 €

400 - 699 €

700 - 999 €

1000 & 1000+ €

Shipping cost  25.00 € 10.00 €
8.00 €
5.00 €
0.00 €